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Been in the Insurance business going on 17 years, started training with Allstate in Colorado in 2003. I was one of the top 3 agents in region in commercial sales, as a training agent. Switched over and worked as a Broker and sold $500,000 in premium the first year. Moved to Arizona in 2007, and agency in AZ decided not to purchase book of business after I moved. Was living out of car for 4 months, until I got on with Amica in Underwriting department. After two year I went back to working for a Broker in Scottsdale for four and a half years, and then took the big step and opened Ensign & Associates. I believe in helping my clients understand, and educating them in insurance. I'm always there to answer questions, and help in any way I'm able too. I believe customer service is one of the highest priorities, and understanding clients needs.

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