Net Promoter Score 93.10
Overall Rank #12
New Rank #3

About Paducah Insurance Agency, LLC

Paducah Insurance started in 2018 when we purchased our commercial books of business and amicably separated from our current agency. As president of OF PIA of Kentucky, we invited Chris Paradiso to present at our annual meeting two years in a row. Chris introduced us to Rocket Referrals. I won’t lie, I wanted Chris to present because we needed his information! Once we were able to get our data consistently synced to Rocket Referrals, we found out that our clients truly appreciate our professional relationship. We are now working on segmented campaigns to cross sell life, home and auto to our existing customers. This powerful ability to automate these offers after a renewal and after we receive a great ranking is exciting. We are just implementing this and expect great returns. The benefit of a high net promoter score is not just that your customers love you. A high net promoter score is indicative of future revenue growth. Why? Your customers love you and will purchase more products from you. We have a great NPS. We are now working to cross sell more products to our clients using the power of Rocket Referrals!

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